a good day, but a bit sad

End of the 03/04 financial year. Today about half our team finished up
and are moving on to other things … bigger and brighter we hope! Sad
to see so many fun and friendly people moving on though, leaves one
feeling a little nostalgic. But wiggles music is a cheerful remedy!


cheats never prosper

or do they? Mate and I were playing MTA last night and for a change we decided to play on a public server (normally we host our own games). I ran over one guy and got sworn at. Which is odd, as vicious as it sounds that is kind of the aim of the game. Anyway, next thing we know he’s flying around in trucks—generally speaking, trucks do not fly—and able to crash into the ocean – normally fatal – without dying.

It’s not cheating apparently, just mods. Ah, my mistake.

is there no place left for decent gaming?

work harder, harder!

Work sure keeps me busy. What do I do? Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to say what I don’t do! My interest is in creative pursuits, particularly in the area of multimedia and the internet. If you want more information about my work history, better check my resume instead.

For now I’m working for the Queensland Government, in what is currently called the Department of Education and the Arts, in Web Management Services. Most recently I’ve been working on implementing a content management system. Keeps me busy 🙂