you're a wizard, Harry

I am officially excited. This Saturday, the 31st of July, Brendan turns 11. If you know your Harry Potter, you’ll quickly realise the significance of this date.

For some time now, my wife has been organising a Hogwarts celebration. For months in fact. The preparations have been stacked in various locations around the house and more recently, the owls have been arriving with notices of acceptance from the guests. Magic will happen. I really must get my wife to start a blog about party planning because she is mighty good at it!!

For my part, my hair’s gone a bit wild and I’ve neglected to shave (an all too common occurrence I’m afraid) so I’m thinking of passing myself off as Sirius Black. Kind of appropriate for a stepdad, no? Now if I could just think of a way to transform into the grim …

Updated 11 September 2004: photos are now available.