It's DAY before MONTH, except in the good ol' US of A.

I’m a little disappointed with blogger today. They turned down my request for a timestamp format which included both date AND time and was not in a US date format. I really don’t like dates that go MM/DD/YY as the month and date are reversed to what’s normal here and it’s very confusing.

Luckily I just found an easy solution – remove the dates from all comments. I’m happy with that 🙂 This is a boring post though. Not so happy about that.

apple juice and milo

It was a mistake from the start, I admit that now.

Granted I was about twelve at the time, and convinced I was bored I suspect. I like apple juice (well, I did then, I prefer orange now), and I like milo (chocolate milk). So surely the two mixed together could only be better! Surely. Didn’t stop to think at the time that I don’t really like smoothies.

Just to set the record straight, and to help out future generations, let me state unequivocally that apple juice and milo and milk should never be brought together — under any circumstances — in a single drink.

Thank you.

I'm only half listening …

I love my phone, I love my MP3s. When you travel an hour to and from
the city (an hour each way that is) the music is a great backdrop.
Even with a mere 16MB memory stick (let’s say, 4 songs) that need to
be changed regularly, if they’re cool songs it’s a groovy time.

So it’s with a deep sadness that cannot be expressed in words that I
must say my headset is broken. I only get audio in the left ear.
Silence in the right. Silence. *sigh* You would not believe how hard
it is to replace this headset. Standard headphone won’t fit, an
adapter won’t support the microphone, nobody makes headsets this type
anyway, unless you want to pay $400 for top of the line bluetooth
headphones (which if I was rich I might consider).

Optus reckon my insurance should cover it. At least, that’s what they
said on the phone. I need to go into a store to take the next step.
Meanwhile I’m listing to port as my inner balance has gone askew …