the Simpsons

Today I came to the startling revelation that the Simpsons has been on TV for half my life. That’s in years, not actual airtime. I mean, fourteen years (yes, I’m 28, which anybody could find out from my blogger profile). That’s a lot of simpsons.

What’s more, it’s now on channel 10 seven nights a week at 6pm plus again Mon–Fri at 7pm. That is a whole lotta simpsons. Oh, and new episodes on Wednesday night. I’m not sure of tha time. Is that the 7pm ones? Or is that even more lots of simspsons?

Actually I quite like the show. Many of the episodes anyway. They still make me laugh. And have given many unforgettable quotes. And for those occassions when you need a good simpsons quote, you should go to They also have insanely detailed reviews of each and every episode. It will scare you.

Half a lifetime though. Whoah.