movie candy is expensive

but I just might buy some tomorrow because I could win! That link will probably break one day sooner or later so I better say the prize up for grabs is an Apple iPod.

It’s hard not to want an iPod. It’s the kind of thing I would usually convince myself I must have, but I have mixed feelings. They look great. They sound great (I’m talking about the advertising, not the audio quality—I haven’t had the pleasure to be able to judge). But… they only play songs. Oh I know you can store files and it has a calendar and contacts. But I keep contacts on my phone and PC where I can use them! And my phone can play mp3s already—when the headset works!—and it has a camera, and email, and web, and handwriting recognition. I have a cool phone. Well, it’s a bit dated. The P900 and soon to be released P910 (c’mon, look at that cute keyboard) look a bit spunkier.

Ok, it’s not so much a phone as a PDA. And it’s the kind of PDA I want—not spreadsheets and financial software—cool multimedia stuff. I only wish it had a radio, TV and video camera. And more memory. Memory sticks are too expensive too buy.

So I guess an iPod might be nice after all. After all, I really like iTunes. (It’s like media player, only better. Much better. Go get it now!) Even though it doesn’t have a camera, phone, TV or radio either. I guess if I buy all those things individually I would have a utility belt. Be the man. Batman.

All I need to do now is decide what candy to buy. Oh, and what movie to see…