shiny, happy people

Are we all agreed Lush Bath Ballistics is da bomb? Well, I’m not so sure about Fairy Jasmine. Perhaps because we grow our own jasmine——which has only just finished its ebulliently floral announcement of Spring—we failed to detect any aroma of jasmine in this bath. More to the point, for the second time in my life I have had glitter on my person. Hmmm.

Somehow I knew when I went shopping in that place I was a bit out of my depth. Perhaps I should have looked harder for some Mr Sparkle, lucky best wash, 100%!


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Ben Boyle

Web developer, Dad, gamer, mentor, animator, universal design advocate, fan of gadgets and sunshine!

2 thoughts on “shiny, happy people”

  1. This post made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and then I showed it to Mum, and I laughed even more.When was the first time you had glitter on your person? *scratches head*

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