ore kes tra

Do you turn on the subtitles (teletext?) when you watch TV? We do. And if you don’t, you should.

We started this originally because we had the volume down where it was a little hard to hear. Why not just turn it up? Didn’t want to wake the baby. We still don’t wanna wake the boys, and have come to enjoy reading along to our favourite shows. DVDs are great, subtitles!

But it’s the TV subtitles that make us laugh. Especially the shows that are providing captions live. Good on them for all the hard work they’re doing; but on the other hand, employ a typist!! Someone who can type fast and accurate. Not like me—I type like a programmer… hitting the keys involves lots of trial and error, debugging and correcting—more like my Mum. Now there’s someone who can type!

What has all this to do with the topic? Ore kes tra. That’s how they spell orchestra on Australian Idol. See, you should turn subtitles on. You’ve no idea of the comedy you’re missing 🙂