life, the universe, and hangman

Interesting encounters at lunch today—the world is a crazy place when you’re the only one eating sandwiches at 2pm.

In the gardens, there were leaves everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Like this huge tree decided to throw them all off overnight (they weren’t there yesterday). If you think that’s because it’s Fall then I have news for you—(a) it’s called Autumn here, not Fall, and (b) it’s Spring in the southern hemisphere.

So what makes a tree throw off all its leaves in Spring? The way I figure it, they wait for it to get cold—which it never does here, not like snow and stuff, not what a tree would consider cold—and suddenly it gets hot and they jump up going “oh, we missed it!” and with a whoosh, down come all the leaves. It’s either that or a vile plot involving thieves—or perhaps pirates—who sneak off with the leaves, leaving only dodgy fake merchandise behind. I say dodgy because it all fell down at once.

I also saw a car with the number plate SYZYGY. Now I know from playing hangman in high school that this is a real word and has something to do with the orbits of planets and stars. Not a bad word for hangman, although you will only compound your reputation as a geek by using it. Especially if you have to admit discovering it in a dictionary and knowing what it means. Now you can say instead you discovered it on a car number plate. Or this blog, shifting your geek karma back on me 😛

Still, not a bad word for hangman. Much better than antidisestablishmentarianism. That word has so many letters it’s impossible not to get! Also once you draw that many spaces on the board, some clever nuisance will guess it in one go and spoil the fun. Like I did. hahaha.

Actually, I like this word best for hangman. One letter at a time please.

G·Y·P·S·Y (congratulations for Casyn, fine bloogling there 😉

|      ☺
|     -|-
|      |
|     / \

Already guessed: V P T A D J R C Y

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