fifty to one

Voting time for Australians today. Hooray for our government and hooray for democracy. Voting is compulsory here. I would really like to know what the results would be if it were not… I suspect a number of big parties rely on a lot of wishy-washy votes (like mine) to see them over the line.

Voting for the senate is fun though. Number one box above the line, or number all fifty below. Fifty! I opted for the latter. Even though it takes longer and I’d rather be doing just about anything than voting, there are certain parties I’d like to see come last and thus I need to start numbering from 50 and work my way back to 1. I wish we could vote to evict certain politicians from the house of representatives. I’d be much more keen on the whole process then. And they’d be a bit more accountable for their past actions wouldn’t they?

Tonight there will be nothing on TV but election results. And Toy Story 2. We might watch that, on DVD rather than TV, to see how much faster we can get through the movie without any commercials. DVDs are a better experience anyway.

No, I can’t bring myself to be too concerned about the election results. But I would like to wish Elissa good luck. Could I have an MP for a friend? Tonight, we’ll find out.