more teletext fun

In an earlier post I mention the joys of watching live captioning. Tonight I’m wondering if they use some kind of predictive text. How else do you get “RAAF yellow” for Raphael? If you want to know the correct spelling, just click on the banner to get to the official TMNT website—and not just for the spelling, there’s the original comic, the ol’ cartoons and the very swish new series!

Back on captioning goodness, what exactly is RAAF yellow? Are the defence forces investing our tax dollars in paint? Good on them if they are!


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3 thoughts on “more teletext fun”

  1. We don’t have teletext here, but one of the joys of living in a country with 11 official languages, is that some of the multilingual soaps have English subtitles. The problem is that Afrikaans (my language) idioms and sayings doesn’t necesarily translate well into English, so it is always fun to watch a normal sentence being given a totally different meaning in English. It’s like watching 2 seperate shows at the same time.

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