another spell of hangman

I started hangman a little while ago and it’s since been to Casyn, Onanymous, back to Casyn, Inspiral, MuzeKez and back to me. Now I know there are other people want a go so I’ll make this easy for ya.

The United States flavor *koff* flavour *koff* of English dogs me. In programming and web design, I have learnt to spell color syntactically correct—that is, as required to make things work. Occassionally I spell the word without the u in general writings and consequently get my head bitten off. One should not work with ex-teachers with less than an impeccable grasp of English grammar and punctuation. That’s Australian English in my place of work.

When we installed our CMS, it came with a button labelled favorites. A button I can’t change. Do you know how many people complained the word was spelled—is it spelled or spelt, I think we can use either—wrong?

And then there’s Dragonball Z. That’s zee, not zed. It’s the name of the show. It’s in the theme song! I am calling it what it is called. People don’t complain when I say café that I’m speaking French instead of Australian English, so why do they complain when I say “Dragonball Zee”. Yes, it is zee, and yes, it is american.

And so is this word. That’s your clue. Good luck 🙂

A·M·E·R·I·C·A·N *snickers* Obvious to all now, isn’t it? Congrats to Amanda!

|/          |
|           ☺

Letters guessed: V, P, R


kept a calendar from 1994?

If you have kept a calendar from 1994, your thriftiness is soon to pay off! Next year, 2005, also begins and ends on a Saturday. Meaning you can save yourself the agony of indecision over new calendars, dust off the 1994 beauties, and she’ll be right, mate!

I’ve been hanging on to an X-Men comic poster waiting for just such an occassion. It’s been 11 years, but it’ll all be worth it come New Year’s Day.