another spell of hangman

I started hangman a little while ago and it’s since been to Casyn, Onanymous, back to Casyn, Inspiral, MuzeKez and back to me. Now I know there are other people want a go so I’ll make this easy for ya.

The United States flavor *koff* flavour *koff* of English dogs me. In programming and web design, I have learnt to spell color syntactically correct—that is, as required to make things work. Occassionally I spell the word without the u in general writings and consequently get my head bitten off. One should not work with ex-teachers with less than an impeccable grasp of English grammar and punctuation. That’s Australian English in my place of work.

When we installed our CMS, it came with a button labelled favorites. A button I can’t change. Do you know how many people complained the word was spelled—is it spelled or spelt, I think we can use either—wrong?

And then there’s Dragonball Z. That’s zee, not zed. It’s the name of the show. It’s in the theme song! I am calling it what it is called. People don’t complain when I say café that I’m speaking French instead of Australian English, so why do they complain when I say “Dragonball Zee”. Yes, it is zee, and yes, it is american.

And so is this word. That’s your clue. Good luck 🙂

A·M·E·R·I·C·A·N *snickers* Obvious to all now, isn’t it? Congrats to Amanda!

|/          |
|           ☺

Letters guessed: V, P, R

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Ben Boyle

Web developer, Dad, gamer, mentor, animator, universal design advocate, fan of gadgets and sunshine!

15 thoughts on “another spell of hangman”

  1. By golly Amanda has done it! Excellent sleuthing there :)Sorry Pickwick, you need to look harder to find answers hidden in plain sight 😉

  2. By the way, this part: is it spelled or spelt – I’ve written “spelt” to my American and Canadian friends heaps of times and they pick me up on it every time. And every time I reply with “Well it’s right here so shuddup.” As you can see, I handle it absolute maturity.

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