it's like, wow

Yesterday was my first ever visit to WOW. The bricks and mortar that is, not the website. Which is a good thing really, because it isn’t much of a website; and I don’t need to be an experty webby guy to say that. It’s a very bright website, and the building is equally attention grabbing.

So why was I there? A store full of CDs, DVDs, cameras, phones, iPods, games, TVs and stereo systems. If that doesn’t seem enough of a reason, perhaps you haven’t read my post on trying to win iPods.

Wow had iPod mini on special actually, for $375. I didn’t buy one. Memory sticks weren’t too badly priced either—I have considered it to increase the MP3 capacity of my phone—but I didn’t buy one of those either. I’m still reeling from learning that Korea is about to get a 5megapixel camera phone. And I thought the (soon to be released here) S700i or P910i were good. You see, when my mobile contract is up in March I want to get an all-in-one MP3 player, radio, still and video camera, organiser, note taker, TV wonder gadget. Which doesn’t exist. But will soon, I just know it!

So I didn’t buy anything, but I enjoyed looking. I thought about Dido’s No Angel (not a good link I know), but it was a bit pricey. Instead we picked up The Wedding Singer, The Cure Greatest Hits and Push Up *bops*

I am also firm in my belief that pumpkin and potato have no place on pizza, even at Halloween.


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