hooray for Chemistry

Daniel found a crayon this morning, and added some racing stripes to our wall. I am guessing he thought the decor needed a lift. Perhaps it is only because he found a crayon, and a blank canvas, and put the two together. In another time and place, such thinking would be heralded as “great”.

In another time and place, the distraught parents could have gone to their tribal elders. “We have tried to remove crayon from our wall and failed. Please favour us with your wisdom.” And the elders would have consulted the gods and returned with, “What is a crayon?”

In yet another time and place, when families lived together and people did know what crayons were, I am certain you could get good advice. In today’s radioactive families [that’s nuclear families] it is harder to get such advice. [What, too lazy to SMS your mum? Geez.] You could perhaps try asking a neighbour, but they will only tell you they don’t want to buy what you’re selling. [Will they???]

But there is a solution for today’s modern parents. First, you have to realise the question is not how, but ehow. Then the answer becomes clear. And the answer is in good old fashioned chemistry, NaHCO, otherwise known as bicarb soda.

Useful stuff. But not as good as potassium ethoxide. Potassium ethoxide rulez. C2H5OK!