if you spill coffee, jump in a nearby fountain quick

Otherwise—to the shock of friends and embarrassment of yourself—you might just turn into a car. This happened in an 80s cartoon that I cannot remember the name of.

For months, I would get up at 6am, burn the toast, watch the Saturday cartoons, and always missed the compulsory introduction that explained that yes, indeed, this guy had been in a freak accident involving a lightning strike, his red convertible, and a secret science lab. And yes, heat—usually spilt coffee—would transform him into said convertible whilst cold—usually a fountain, there was always a fountain, or an inlet, or a fjord—would restore his manliness.

So a car would drive into a barn and a guy would walk out. Did I twig? Not until I finally got up early enough to see the explanation. Boy did I feel silly that day. It did explain why he always ran off in a hurry when he spilt coffee though. I just thought he was clumsy. Does anyone remember the name of this show?

Casyn asked about cartoon recollections and that was the one that jumped out at me. I too enjoyed Transformers, Voltron and the other toons listed in that post, but c’mon Casyn, what about Astroboy—we have just started the dvds, awesome— Star Blazers, Robotech, Thundercats, Paw Paw Bears and The Mysterious Cities of Gold? Now I need to go dig up links for all those awesome shows!


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2 thoughts on “if you spill coffee, jump in a nearby fountain quick”

  1. I would get up at 6:30 and climb up onto the bench and almost to the ceiling in the kitchen to reach the biscuit barrel on the top shelf. Then I’d fill a cup halfway with milo and add just a tiny bit of milk to make a chocolately mix. Then I would put on Agro’s Cartoon Connection or the Channel Niners and watch things like the Smurfs, Monchichi’s, Captain Caveman, Pandamonium, Biskitts. These are just a few the 80’s cartoons I watched (aside from those already mentioned in your blog) because there were so many but Astroboy will stay my favourite for always.http://www.80scartoons.net/index.html

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