minties float, eclairs sink

Due to an accident where a lolly jar was upended, we have uncovered this important truth. Minties do indeed float. But chocolate eclairs sink. I haven’t quite determined the relevance of this information, but I am certain enlightenment will come—as with all good things—in time.

Meanwhile, there are minties floating in the fish tank. It’s times like these you need minties. But what to do when you have them, but they are in a fish tank?


3hr lunch break

Well, not really lunch. I went to see the wiggles! They were very cool, and slipped in some funny humour even adults could appreciate——maybe they just have universal appeal——like the poorly mimed ventriloquist, and Captain Feathersword’s impressions of Mick Jagger, Cher, Johnny Farnham and Peter Garret!

Then it was back to work——got rained on——to eat and tidy up last minute things. Turn on my out of office and now I’m on holidays. Hooray!

iTunes Music Store—now!

You want an iTunes Music Store in Australia? Then sign the petition! Think of all that digital music goodness to be downloaded. Think ninemsn music is enough? Never! We need some decent competition to keep the prices good and the formats open and accessible. Stop reading here and sign the petition, then ring Apple and tell ’em you want an iTunes Music Store for Australia. What’s the point of iPods if you can’t also get the songs for $1 a pop?