iTunes Music Store—now!

You want an iTunes Music Store in Australia? Then sign the petition! Think of all that digital music goodness to be downloaded. Think ninemsn music is enough? Never! We need some decent competition to keep the prices good and the formats open and accessible. Stop reading here and sign the petition, then ring Apple and tell ’em you want an iTunes Music Store for Australia. What’s the point of iPods if you can’t also get the songs for $1 a pop?


Published by

Ben Boyle

Web developer, Dad, gamer, mentor, animator, universal design advocate, fan of gadgets and sunshine!

2 thoughts on “iTunes Music Store—now!”

  1. I’d love to sign it but if they can’t spell ‘Australian’ properly then we are all just going to be adding our names to a list of poorly educated nitwits.Fix the spelling then I’ll be there.

  2. I’m all for iTunes everywhere. You mean to tell me that you can’t access iTunes music store at all in Australia? That’s bogus! I mean what’s the problem (besides violating some length, yet stupid international law)?Anyway, you’re blog rocks. I’m a huge geek too and the fact that you actually linked to a Transformers page ranks you pretty high in my “Geek Check” list. Can’t wait to read more.

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