somewhere out there

Somewhere out there is a blog, run by the girls at work, that has photos that feature me in the background—working—whilst they frolic about in pirate get–up or Hawaiian gear. It’s not over the rainbow—I think it may be on blogspot—but I don’t know the URL…

Enjoy the hunt.


funky new phone

It’s been a while since I posted something geeky—or anything really. Remiss of me really, to not post that I have a new phone: a Motorola E398.

I decided to forego the bells and whistles, as my previous phone was very expensive and they haven’t really integrated all the features I want into a single phone (yet). So, no bells and whistles. Just stereo speakers and rhythm lights. Just a 64MB memory card—smaller than a SIM card—to hold 14 MP3s (I could only fit 4 on my old phone!). Seriously, the E398 was free on a $25/month plan at Optus and it’s a great phone for that price! So send me an SMS, set off the MP3s and flashing lights. You know you wanna!

That takes care of a geeky post. Lots of important family stuff afoot, but you’ll find more over at Inspiral’s Spiral 🙂