Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood

I reckon they’re set to become an item. Just finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today, and the bit of interaction near the end just has me suspecting… nothing like starting a rumour. You can read more rumours—and responses—on the J.K.Rowling Official Site.

Looking forward to the next movie (might even go gold class this time), and a new novel later this year. Gotta love the Potter series, loads of fun to read 🙂


open misere

An email has been sitting in my inbox for a long time saying “open misere”. It’s not speaking out loud mind, just printed on the screen in reference to—of course—the card game Five Hundred.

Tonight it got me thinking—why can’t you play 500 online? Or can you? It seems that you can. I’m off to give it a go.

five years of mowing

Saint Patrick’s Day marks the anniversary of moving into our lovely home, and this year marks the fifth such occasion. That’s a lot of mowing. And a lot of grass. To celebrate we had flowers, a new PC, a party and iPods. Actually, the iPods weren’t for this but I wanted to mention them because I don’t know how I ever mowed without them!

They just look cool, especially plugged into the front of the new PC.