Digital TV: day one

Today my DigitalNow tinyUSB 2 DVB-T Receiver arrived. That’s a cute li’l USB box for receiving digital TV on your computer. Well, on my computer in this case.

Unfortunately the supplied “tiny” aerial can’t pick up a signal. I expected as much, seeing as we live quite some way from the transmitters at Mt Coot-tha. We get pretty decent analogue reception though, via the antenna on the roof, so I’m hopeful we’ll get good digital through the same. Unfortunately—again—I’ve been stymied by the cabling.

We have five—that’s right, five—coaxial cables for hooking up TVs and VCRs with antennas. And all of them lack the necessary connector my the tinyUSB, d’oh! Back to the shops tomorrow… maybe then we can watch cartoons all day on ABC2. Yep, we’ll just have to wait for Spring.