nintendo does ipod

…at least, I see hints of the same minty-minimalist design qualities.

Picture of Nintendo's new Revolution console and controller

Check out that swish new controller. And I do mean swish, as in, you swish it through the air to control your game. It’s like gaming and exercising combined, sweet!


surprise self portrait

surprise self portrait
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Ah digital photography, what an age to live in! Although I said I would prefer a single device that was a video camera, still camera, phone, music player, games machine, note taker, etc. well, it just ain’t happening yet.

Even the vaunted Sony PSP isn’t a phone. And doesn’t have a camera, despite the “photo” icon used in the ads (it can display photos, it can’t capture them).

So, with a new baby in da house, the time seemed right for a digital still camera. And it has a self portrait mode. Complete with flash. Surprise Ben!

Unfortunately due to a strange rattle in the camera, we will be returning it tomorrow. Hopefully Kmart have another in stock we can bring home, coz it was fun for the couple of minutes before I packed it all back in the box 🙂

and I know everyone wants more photos of Emma…

This post was brought to you by the magic of Picasa, a great tool for managing photos on your computer, and Flickr, a great tool for managing your photos on the Internet. Try ’em out—they both integrate with Blogger 😉

Digital TV: freedom

Well, a spare PC is in the lounge and we can have digital TV any time we like. Except for a little antenna cable juggling. Trying to get a computer interface usable on a TV screen is quite the challenge though—try to imagine 640×480 resolution, but especially blurry. Read text? Ha ha!

After running through the accessibility wizard, the result is something like this:

Screenshot of HTPC desktop

Not too shabby. The important bit is being able to record Australian Idol, transfer the 7 GB file to this PC and watch it while I blog at 1.00 am. Is there a word for that? Blogglevision? Insomnia? I can’t sleep… there’s a baby due any time now! :}

Screenshot of blogging while Idol is playing

The evils of word verification

Sure, spammers are evil. Spam is annoying. Spam in comments included.

But captchas do not block spammers, they block legitimate people! It is unforgivable and discriminatory—not to mention illegal—to deny access to people. Even to avoid spam. I don’t think that counts as unjustifiable hardship.

Shame on you, Blogger, for the “word verification” feature. Spam is a problem, true, but this is not the solution.

Digital TV: day two

Hooray! Armed with a set of coaxial connectors we were able to connect the tuner to the roof antenna and get a signal. Unfortunately, as is common with television, there was not much on. There are about four times as many channels, but the commercial stations have the same thing on every channel. I will say this though—it looks and sounds great. Like DVD 🙂

Now we just need to figure out where we want to watch digital TV. Living room? Bedroom? Study? Because at the moment the antenna socket and computers are in different rooms and that’s a bit of a difficulty. Still it should be easy to solve once we decide, and when the router arrives we can have internet access wherever we want too.

And then—then—we can start timeshifting. Which I think will be vital to maintain TV viewing when our baby arrives. I mean, when you’re watching 24 and the baby cries, you have to go. But you can’t miss a second of the action… and with timeshifting you don’t have to, hooray!