Digital TV: day two

Hooray! Armed with a set of coaxial connectors we were able to connect the tuner to the roof antenna and get a signal. Unfortunately, as is common with television, there was not much on. There are about four times as many channels, but the commercial stations have the same thing on every channel. I will say this though—it looks and sounds great. Like DVD 🙂

Now we just need to figure out where we want to watch digital TV. Living room? Bedroom? Study? Because at the moment the antenna socket and computers are in different rooms and that’s a bit of a difficulty. Still it should be easy to solve once we decide, and when the router arrives we can have internet access wherever we want too.

And then—then—we can start timeshifting. Which I think will be vital to maintain TV viewing when our baby arrives. I mean, when you’re watching 24 and the baby cries, you have to go. But you can’t miss a second of the action… and with timeshifting you don’t have to, hooray!


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Ben Boyle

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