surprise self portrait

surprise self portrait
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Ah digital photography, what an age to live in! Although I said I would prefer a single device that was a video camera, still camera, phone, music player, games machine, note taker, etc. well, it just ain’t happening yet.

Even the vaunted Sony PSP isn’t a phone. And doesn’t have a camera, despite the “photo” icon used in the ads (it can display photos, it can’t capture them).

So, with a new baby in da house, the time seemed right for a digital still camera. And it has a self portrait mode. Complete with flash. Surprise Ben!

Unfortunately due to a strange rattle in the camera, we will be returning it tomorrow. Hopefully Kmart have another in stock we can bring home, coz it was fun for the couple of minutes before I packed it all back in the box 🙂

and I know everyone wants more photos of Emma

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