Renovation Rescue

As I sit here in the swirling vortex—that is, at times, known as: the “study”, the “fifth bedroom” and Emma’s room—I am reminded of the need to renovate. It’s going to be a mite crowded in here otherwise.

We have a few months ahead of us, but time slips by so fast. Basically we need to accomplish three things, before September. Actually, only two are essential. But the third would be nice.

  1. Place a new carport over the driveway. This could be complicated depending on the length and how we squeeze the car in. It might be close to the local bylaws concerning distance from the footpath.
  2. Knock out the wall between the lounge and carport, and put sliding doors on either end. This will give us more space—including room for a “study”—and much better airflow. It would also be the prime position for air-conditioning, if such is desired. Unforunately that is the one part of the ceiling that we haven’t insulated. At any rate, that would allow us to move the desks out of here and Emma could have her own room.
  3. Put a patio out the back. Extra shade from a roof would be nice. We wouldn’t have to shut windows every time it rained. We could move the BBQ out of the shed and get some space in there too.

So there you have it. Easy right? If only I was more like Picard and could simply say “Make it so!”