Transformation fun, XSLT style!

It was Australia Day yesterday and—unsurprisingly—Ronn Moss did not win Australian of the Year, despite the amusing Vote Ronn campaign. I wasn’t made Australian of the Year either, but I did have a fun day playing around with XSLT.

You see, the MTA (Multi Theft Auto) mod for San Andreas was released this week. This mod allows you to race online against others. The races themselves are customisations of the San Andreas map—the same map (it is a huge map though) in every race—with custom checkpoints, vehicles and occassionally new jumps, walls, and other tricks and traps. The maps are all encapsulated in XML format so I simply wrote a transform to display them in a web browser.

I call it the MTA map previewer. Pretty swish eh? Have a look at a map. Then try view source… 🙂