Biggest weekend ever

Slept in a little on Saturday morning, and it’s a good thing too because this would have to be one of the busiest weekends ever. Better than being bored though, and much better than being sick (which describes how I spent much of April, bleh!).

Bought some pavers—418 to be exact—loaded ’em on a truck and unloaded and stacked ’em at home. That’s 11 m sq. and not too shabby for $200 I think (well, I hope). We’ll be after another 10 m sq. next week. Lunch and watched Transformers, then repainted (oiled) the deck chair and mowed the lawn (both long overdue). And then, I pulled up all the old pavers. We’ll be reusing them for sure, but as they sit smack in the middle of our new patio area, well, the whole lot has to be redone. And properly this time. My “allow the grass to grow through—give them that cool weathered look” was a failure. There, even I admit it. Shoulda listened to my dad eh? 😉

Then I worked on a website that my sister did the design for and its got cursed fancy borders with swishy corners. But it’s always fun doing design/development work for small sites, a nice change of pace from babysitting government information. And if that wasn’t a busy enough Saturday already, I got in some Smash Brothers and watched half of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Today we were woken up by Emma at 6.30 am and so I made tea. Good on cold mornings. Then I played Super Princess Peach until the hour was more respectable—10 am I suspect—before having breakfast. A trip to the park for a picnic was in order, for hours of frisbee fun! Then I beat Super Princess Peach (yay, I’m the best princess in this house, as I told nintendo I wanted to be when I tried to win the game earlier this year!) and more work on that website. Now I’ve got a tonne of photos to upload to flickr. Oh, and I ironed a shirt. Don’t ask me how I managed to squeeze that in!



Ok this is about Wii—pronounced whee—which is the, uh, different name of Nintendo’s next console. There seem to be a lot of people bagging the name, but hey, it’s like spii which is a nickname I am wont to use online, so that’s kinda neat. And “whee” is a common catchphrase used by Princess Peach, Toad and others. Nintendo say it’s about “we”. It could be “wifi” without the f or “wiki” without the k (got nothing to do with wikis) but the important thing to know—the most important thing—is that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be on it.

Go watch the video now and see what I mean! Wheee!!