What do wii want for Christmas?

It’s only four months to Christmas and the weather hints at a hot summer to come. Excellent. I love Queensland summers!!

It also means, the release of Nintendo’s Wii is approaching. I took advantage of the Myer preorder which will offer me $600 worth of savings on purchase. Good savings I hope! I saw a preliminary list of what the savings might be and it’s mostly saving money off games and Wii accessories. I also saw $100 off home theatre and $200 off a Samsung LCD TV. Oh, I hope they keep those discounts in the final offer. I could maybe perhaps use those, yarr!

We’ve finally completed our renovations—except for the curtains, but they are on order. It’s been an expensive time, that’s for sure, but we have a shiny new room to show for it, and a new carport out front and patio out back. Big thanks to all who helped, especially from our families (who didn’t even ask to be paid and refused offers, how nice!)

Now I have a good computer space all setup. I didn’t think I could fit an LCD TV in here but tonight I’ve had a brainwave and know just what to do. But first things first… money money money. Gotta save money!