A letter (email) to Cool or Cosy

What happened to you guys?

A couple of years ago we had our house insulated, all except an internal garage. We have now converted that into a room and have been thinking for a time… we should get it insulated as well. We’ve also considered air conditioning it, or another room. Someplace to chill out in Summer.

My wife arranged for a rep to visit one afternoon. Unfortunately that afternoon our kids went crazy. No more so than kids do, just being kids. But she had to turn the rep away, it was just too much to deal with then.

And still we’ve been thinking, we must organise something. Last Wednesday, I had just asked my Mum what they paid for their airconditioning, to get some rough figures, when our phone rang and it was a cold call from cool or cosy! Apparently you were “in the area” and knew we were previous customers and were offering a discount on a/c for previous customers.

What good timing! Usually we can’t get rid of telemarketers fast enough, but this time we happily arranged for a visit to quote on insulation and airconditioning, for Friday night at 7 pm. And we appreciate the flexibility in arranging to meet at such an awkward hour, especially since I do not get home until 6.30 pm on weekdays. We organised babysitting to make sure it would go smoothly.

You called Friday afternoon to confirm the time and place.

We were here.
Where were you?



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Ben Boyle

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