Eight hour shopathon

Yes, I spent eight hours “shopping” online last night, trying to get through to Madman’s checkout. It was a 10th anniversary 10 hour sale starting at 10 pm (9 pm up here without daylight saving). I finally got through at 5 am!! Yes, I was kind of tired by then, the sudoku puzzles all blurred together. That’s my longest ever time spent in line at the shops. Or online. Either or. Let’s hope the Wii preorder with Myer is much quicker!



  • Kate the Pleb
  • BlackBerry 7130
  • Paige
  • les
  • Jeza
  • Lieth
  • pancake lord

Who are these people? I do not know. Strictly speaking they are devices, not people. Bluetooth devices, that have been left in discoverable mode on or around QR trains at random times in the last month. Fascinating!