Life's a beach

Fans of Vice City will recognise the slogan, and other’s shouldn’t have too much trouble deciphering it. Today my lemonade fizzed up all over my hands and spilled on the carpet. A couple of days ago, a DVD my wife ordered arrived in the post. Shattered. And last night, I fried my computer… the motherboard I think.

So life’s a beach! Actually, the saying comes from something a read a few years back… a suggestion that if your computer goes down, it’s no big deal. Go to the beach! So we may just head beachward this weekend. Time to enjoy the sun and sand! Or we may stay in, and watch the beach cricket on TV. (Or do both, we can always tape it, or even cooler, timeshift it!)

And how, pray tell, am I blogging if my PC is broken? Well, the ol’ PIII 550 is klunking along, and with an Ubuntu live CD to boot from I’ve got everything I need to get online. Thanks Ubuntu!