Remember the Nice!

What is the Nice!? I am not sure myself. I think it is like “the Matrix” in that noone can be told what it is. It’s a phrase used on me at work, and I think it relates to the practice of being polite and courteous when trying to shift others’ perceptions. The way it’s said, I suspect some people would rather I took a sterner approach.

But I’m with everclear on this one: too many haters. Today I had a chance to remember the Nice! once more. I recently sold a baby monitor on ebay, mistakenly talking up its abilities as an intercom. I thought the parent unit (receiver) had a talk button that could be used to talk to the baby monitor (transmitter). Turns out that button is on the transmitter. Why? Makes no sense.

Well the buyer isn’t happy but hopefully I have smoothed things over. Perhaps they will remember the Nice! when they reply. Perhaps we should all remember to be nice.


It'sa Mii, bowling Boyle

Tonight I reached pro status in Wii Sports bowling—Hooree!! I am already a pro boxer, tennis player and golfer, that just leaves baseball. What the heck is baseball!? Why are all my hook shots “foul”? And why do my fielders keep fumbling. Ah, it’s good fun really, but harder than the other sports. I haven’t yet cracked the fitness test—20 is the ideal age. I’ve made it to 21, so close! I’ve made it over 70 too, lol.

Mii (Ben) playing Wii Sports

Here’s a picture of me (Mii) bowling, before I went pro 😛

The Wii is still as much fun as when we bought it. I can’t believe some people still don’t own one!