Wiimote back in action

The bad news:
One of our wii remotes broke. The A-button stopped responding.
The ugly:
Nintendo said it would take them 20–25 days to even look at anything sent for warranty/repairs due to a backlog of work. Apparently a lot of people took their DS to the beach over summer. Note to everyone: sun, sand and surf fun for people, not so fun for electronic gadgets.
The good:
We got a replacement remote already! I only posted it last Wednesday so that was turned around in little more than a week. Less than a week if you allow for postage. Nice work Nintendo!
The disappointing:
I’ve always said service providers should overestimate when providing timeframes. A little conservatism allows time for the unexpected, or better yet, allows you to set and exceed expectations. Customers love it. What’s disappointing about this? In over two years where I work we have managed to consistently disappoint customers with inefficient service. Bummer.

p.s. 4 (Daniel really wanted to include that).