The Web Design Survey, 2007

I took the Web Design Survey, and I didn’t get the job with the council, but that’s ok as I just found out I would have forfeited my long service (two more years and I’ll be able to access that!), not had access to any parental leave come October (the job is only temporary) and not got my salary packaging payments for my macbook. Bit expensive when you add it up!

However, I did see that CSC looks to be a pretty nice place to work. Maybe in another couple of years, I’ll apply again 🙂


How white and nerdy are you?

  • They see me mowin’ my front lawn
  • My rims never spin, to the contrary you’ll find that they’re quite stationary
  • All of my action figures are cherry (does “cherry” mean “cool”?)
  • I’m fluent in JavaScript (not Klingon)
  • X-Men comics, you know I collect ‘em
  • I edit Wikipedia
  • I got a business doing websites
  • When my friends need some code, who do they call? I do HTML for ‘em all
  • I was in the Chess Team

Courtesy of Weird Al’s White & Nerdy. Ok, I’m a nerd. But you already knew that 🙂

Five day weekend

Well firefox crashed on me and I lost three paragraphs! Retyping is not much fun so here is the succinct version.

Happy Easter! Traditionally a four day weekend, I scored an extra day Thursday to catch an ultrasound of our new little one. I can happily report they are alive and kicking and due on 17 October. We finally know a date. It was very quick, but in the middle of the day and I didn’t fancy travelling back and forth (4 hours travel all told, for about the same amount of time at work).

Enjoying the long weekend. Finally found a little time to learn a bit about my new macbook (a salary packaged benefit of working in Queensland Government. Gotta get what benefits I can while I can!) Still job hunting. Been building lots of Lego Star Wars models mostly, Daniel wants this one and that one and that one! It’s funny how many innocuous yet essential pieces have been misplaced…