Accessibility, libraries and macbooks

Today is apparently Blogging Against Disablism Day.

So designing web sites that work for all people is important right? Sure is. Universal design embraces all people, with all their personal preferences, and tries to provide them with a decent experience. It is about enabling people. You provide your content, or service, or products, in a format which can be adapted to suit different needs. And this isn’t limited to web design, it should be fundamental in all forms of design.

Including, if you are say the library attached to the local council and providing electronic books, audio books etc. as a new form of lending; including ensuring your new service is accessible to ratepayers with macbooks. In fact, it’s not about making it accessible. It should be accessible in the first place. It’s about not introducing barriers. It’s about not making it inaccessible.

How do you do this incredibly difficult thing? If you are a professional, you will learn.


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Ben Boyle

Web developer, Dad, gamer, mentor, animator, universal design advocate, fan of gadgets and sunshine!

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