I’m green, if I were blue I would die

Oh no, have I mixed up the misheard lyrics to Blue (Da Ba Dee)? According to a true colours exercise I undertook at work, I am “green”. According to facebook, I am a mix of Bigbird and Elmo. Who to believe?

There is a lot of talk about being green, or eco friendly, on the ’net these days. I spend a lot of time online and it’s heartening to hear—from the awesome ecogeek blog—that online activity saves energy! We’ve noticed a significant saving by turning PCs off at night, at the back of the box (the IO button) if not at the wall. Only the HTPC is left on, to autoboot at 5 am and start recording. Still better than leaving a VCR on all night I think.

But that’s not what being “green” is all about. It’s about being a scientist. A thinker. Cool. I hope they play The Scientist (by Coldplay) at my funeral. Nothing morbid about it, going to happen one day and should be at least 70 years as I plan to reach 100! Sadly a colleague of mine passed away last week … rest in peace B2.

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Ben Boyle

Web developer, Dad, gamer, mentor, animator, universal design advocate, fan of gadgets and sunshine!

2 thoughts on “I’m green, if I were blue I would die”

  1. I’m doing science and I’m still alive.I’m making a note here -HUGE SUCCESS!I am gold. Which is better than so-so silver and shameful shameful bronze.So if you are green and I am gold can we sing ‘come on aussie come on’?

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