Television statistics

Forget ratings. MythTV keeps pretty detailed records of EPG data (TV guide), what you record, when you watch it, all that jazz. Ew. I just remembered I watched some of Chicago this week and I didn’t like it. Now I can’t say all that jazz. Hmmm.

Stats! Mythweb has a neato stats page that shows some interesting TV viewing habits in this house! We’ve been with digital TV for quite some time now. We used DNTV Live! on Windows XP for a bit, before I bit the bullet and switched to MythTV on Ubuntu linux.

And just how long have we had MythTV? 2 years 6 days 12 hrs 27 mins. 13% of that time was spent recording TV. Top of the list was Toasted TV with 598 recordings! Good Game just made the top 10 with 62. Neighbours also contributes a lot, which places channel TEN first with 1199 recordings. ABC2 comes in second — for those great kids shows!

In total we have recorded 3 months 5 days 21 hrs 58 mins of television viewing. Which explains the 1.5 TB that we need. I’m certain there is absolutely no way we have watched all that, but we do watch more telly now we can watch what we want when we want.

If you haven’t switched to digital TV yet, you really should. But it isn’t worth making the switch unless you get a DVR (digital video recorder). There are lots of options. Myth is free and pretty darn good. Of course, you need to build yourself a linux box to get it up and running first … If that sounds daunting, there are TiVo and Foxtel IQ and I dunno what else. Just go get it!