GTA IV on PC: first impressions

The good

Independence FM. Having your own music just makes the GTA experience that much more what you want it to be. We all have our own favourite driving/party/cranky music, it’s nice to finally be able to play it. And commentary that relates to the audio track metadata, nice touch!

Mouse. Nothing beats the mouse. Nice camera control. Nice easy yes/no buttons. Useful for target and attack in combat. Love the mouse.

The bad

Driving with a keyboard — augh! OK, this one is all my fault for not configuring my gamepad — yet. Keyboard control for driving is awful, truly, terribly awful. In any game, this is not a GTA issue.

Antialiasing. Needs to be turned on! Even 2׏ AA would be nice. I guess this is related to …

The ugly

Graphics performance. I look forward to a patch or new nvidia driver (or both) that brings the framerate up. FPS is hovering in the 16–22 mark and that’s noticably poor. Strangely, dropping the resolution and graphics settings down as low as they go doesn’t improve the situation. I mean, it is good I don’t need to run it on low quality. It’s bad I can’t get the framerate up. So, bring on a patch. It seems to be a hot topic on the GTA forums. Glad it’s not just me.


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