Bins and broadband—a letter to Moreton Bay Regional Council

11 pm? Time to email the Moreton Bay Shire Council!


Last July I was in Ayr and they had just introduced a new rubbish collection service. They had three bins:

  1. yellow lid, recycling (pretty much what we have)
  2. red lid, waste (everything we’d through in the regular wheelie bin)
  3. green lid, garden clippings

I thought it was a good idea and have been hoping something similar would be introduced here … have council any plans in regard to this?

Also, who is fixing our broadband? The infrastructure is terribly behind the times in Upper Caboolture. We only managed to connect ADSL last year and it it can only reach speeds around 0.5 Mbps. This is only a third of the possible speed of ADSL1, nowhere near the potential of ADSL2 or ADSL2+, and 200 times slower than the proposed 100 Mbps of the NBN.

It’s nice to hear Tassie and some regional places in Qld are getting NBN, but WHAT ABOUT US!!!?

thanks 🙂