Halloween game on!

It’s Halloween! Games developers have taken the chance to splurge a little with some holiday themed mayhem.


Not strictly released for this Halloween, the Zombie Island of Dr Ned DLC nonetheless delivers the thrills! Amidst the zombies is a placed called “Hallows End” where you’ll find the boss: Pumpkinhead!

Hallows End in Jakob’s Cove
Pumpkinhead boss

Global Agenda

A modest update to the Global Agenda MMO, restyling a raid map for added spookiness. Ghosts drift away with each kill, and the DuneDoom Commander boss has a pumpkin on his head. A range of holiday head flairs are on offer too.

Doom Commander (Dune Commander with pumpkin head)
“Skeletor” style head flair

Team Fortress 2

It’s the second annual halloween event and Valve have delivered the goods with a new map and a new boss. Boss? Yes, TF2 has it’s first boss in The Horseless Headless Horseman who’ll appear on the point and indiscriminately attack all players. Team up to take him down? Or take advantage of the confusion to score extra kills? You decide. Brilliantly chaotic!

The Horseless Headless Horseman
Tricksy spy cloaked as my scary sniper

What did we learn from this?

It is essential that spooky bosses in games wear pumpkins for heads.