Big phone week

Two big pieces of phone news this week. Naturally everyone knows the iPhone 5 was announced but most people probably don’t know my replacement Galaxy S3 finally arrived. It vibrates!! So good.

Expect some more comparisons in coming weeks. I am looking forward to trying the camera out properly this time. I am also looking forward to the android “jelly bean” update, though I will say iOS update news is much clearer. When apple update iOS, you get the update. When google update android, you wait for Samsung to do something… Samsung’s information about upcoming OS releases is rubbish. They really need to improve there.

Meanwhile, to make comparisons more interesting I bought an iPad 2. I passed on ‘the new iPad’ because (a) it costs more, (b) it chews battery faster, (c) weighs more and (d) has a silly name. I grew up on ‘New Street’, and let me tell you that name gets old fast.

iPad 2 is doing a great job for reading comics, books and news via flipboard. All of which are nice on the S3, but the iPad screen is bigger.

This way I get to keep my iOS content: apps, tv shows and movies. I also discovered—when a friend loaned me one during a jam session—it’s great for quickly looking up bass tabs on the Internet.

So this is the plan: iPad, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 envy. But hopefully not much of the latter! 😉