Four weeks in Maya Workshop

Time to share some progress! The Maya Workshop at AnimationMentor is excellent, there is plenty to learn! I’ve been playing with lighting, shading and rendering this weekend. It’s good to get the basics down and overindulge a bit now so I can focus on character animation when the time comes!

Basic modelling


Basic staging and motion (rolling)

Orbits and shading


Bouncing and lighting

Lighting exercises

The next 2 weeks cover working with rigs: a robot arm and a one-legged ball. Bring it! 🙂


Playing bass, two years on

It probably won’t catch on as an ANZAC Day tradition, but last year I posted a comparison of me playing Hey Ya! on the bass from 2012 and 2013.

Here they are again with a 2014 update. I can’t really tell if I’m improving, but I still love playing 🙂

So here I am, in 2012, fumbling away at a bass line after a few days practice…

And here I am, in 2013, fumbling away at that same bass line after a year of practice…

And here I am, today, still fumbling 🙂


Studying animation

Twenty years ago, 1994, I was at the Queensland College of Art in my first weeks of studying animation. Well, that was aborted when I got distracted by computers and switched to Multimedia—it’s all my art theory lecturer’s fault. He didn’t like my handwritten essay, I bought a PC, …

Today I’m studying animation again! Woot! Really looking forward to this 🙂

Animation School