Maya Workshop COMPLETE!

When I first opened Maya, I remember looking around and going “yep” and closing it. It was pretty complex software and I had no idea what any of the controls did. Even moving the view around was beyond my ken. I’m pleased to say I can do lots now! (Though I can tell there’s so much more Maya does!) Oh, and moving around: tapping space brings up a nifty menu to switch between the perspective and orthographic views (so glad I studied graphics in high school!) and holding Alt while in perspective view will help with panning, rotating and zooming in the view (when combined with the 3 mouse buttons and mouse movements).

So here’s what we got up to over 6 weeks! (I’m shamelessly copying the first 4 weeks from a previous post).

Basic modelling


Basic staging and motion (rolling)

Orbits and shading


Bouncing and lighting

Lighting exercises

Robot arm, create a character (basic rigging)

Character modeling
Character modeling