Practising bass (2016 version)

Yes it is the annual day for recording bass!Ā I try to play once every week (or moreā€”sometimes less) for fun. Once in a while it’s good toĀ listen back and see how my playing has changed.

Here’s my attempts at playing Hey Ya!Ā which was one of the first songs I learned. I’ve worked on the tab a couple of times so it’s easier and more fun now. I think it’s getting more consistent, though I still make mistakes šŸ™‚

Here’s a random set of other songs I played:

There’s a couple in there that can be compared to previous years too!

Fragile Bird

My first bass tutor had me play this in my first lesson.Ā It blew my mind trying to play on off-beats. I’m not sure why butĀ there was a habit thereĀ that had to be unlearned first. Good exercise!

Sweet Virginia

I think we played this once in a jam after work. Quite peaceful to play on the bass, andĀ it’s a lot of fun varying the rhythm during the sax solo!