Ten things never done

As prompted by Draic, Casyn, Onanymous and who knows how many others, here are ten things I’ve never done. Though why you would want to know this…

  1. I’ve never had reliable broadband at home *twiddles thumbs awaiting ADSL application*
  2. Like Casyn, I have never been outside Australia. In fact, other than two visits to Sydney——the last one in 1986——I’ve not been outside South-East Queensland.
  3. I’ve never regretted switching to Firefox, nor Gmail.
  4. I do regret that I never lived alone, in total independence, learning all the responsibilities for looking after a household. Nor have I been a DINK. I have always been surrounded by family who look after me, but unfortunately I remain a rather lazy and selfish person ~:)
  5. I hope write a story on par with the length of novel (160,000 words), but I haven’t got there yet.
  6. I never completed the Bachelor of Visual Arts in Animation that I started in 1994.
  7. I’ve never won top prize on a scratchie.
  8. I have never played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but I can’t wait to!
  9. Not once, nope never, have I been drunk. Hooray!
  10. I have never liked banana flavouring and I wish it would go away for good. I’m sure it keeps popping up in odd places because someone overexcited in the 1970s invested heavily and they are still slowly trickling it out of their overstocked warehouses. Yuk.

But I can say, I have done this quiz now! Have you?


four to the floor

I always SMS my wife to let her know when four to the floor is playing on the radio. Why? She doesn’t like the song. It began as a joke because that song—if you can call it a song—had entirely too much airplay. A tactic I discovered that works on me entirely too well after hearing wannabe five times in one afternoon. A scary day. Then again, Pauline Pantsdown repeated three times in a row led me to boycott TripleJ for six months. Another scary day.

Four to the floor was on the radio today. It has been a long time. It’s still addictive. I might just buy it, if we ever get an ITMS. Or perhaps I will merely blog about it…