Where have all the funny things gone?

Last weekend was holiday time! Why that weekend? Why not! The family travelled up to Alexandra Headlands on Friday afternoon. Had time for a visit to Kawana Shopping Centre first—Wendy’s hot dogs and perusals through JB Hifi and Big W—then check in and a walk along the beach for the evening. The kids splashed in the dumpy waves and guess who got wet fishing them out? 🙂

The place we stayed at had pay TV. Crikey. Despite the horrifyingly repetitive ads, we were lucky to catch a few neat things we’d not seen before, like an episode of Transformers: Energon and Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice film clip (featuring a very funky Christopher Walken). Yeah, we mostly watched video clips.

Went to the beach on Saturday morning and I even had a surf. By which I mean a swim. I don’t know how to surf. I don’t have a surfboard either. But it was fun! It was good to be able to take Daniel to the beach, more so since we could not over Christmas. I don’t believe I blogged it, but the poor little guy had a fractured wrist in plaster for three weeks through Christmas and New Year, and so trips to the beach (or anywhere it might get wet) were out.

A rest for all after the morning swim and then off to find tea. A quick walk around Chambers Island, then Red Rooster for tea—I had a Real Bacon Burger, yes, with lettuce!—and a walk from Alex Heads to Mooloolaba. Which brings me to the topic of this post.

What happened to the funny things? The “funny things” used to be a set of cool and kooky pieces of equipment along a path. There were push up bars, logs to hop between, a fort. They are all long gone now, but many a weekend evening was spent along that path when we were kids. Now all that remains is the figure 8, pictured below.

It’s still a nice walk. With ice creams at the end for the trip back. Hooray for holidays.