Here at the very end of all things (on this blog)

Blogger are disabling FTP publishing. I use FTP publishing, this blog is hosted at the fantastic Server101 and I’ve no wish to move it. Appears I have not really much wish to publish to it either, reviewing the woeful stats for the last months. I blame Twitter, Facebook and Left 4 Dead for taking up my valuable time. And when I say blame, I mean thank. I love Left 4 Dead!

So here I am writing a final post that is not so final, for publishing shall continue, somewhere else. I am downloading WordPress which I have long wished to tinker with. Though tinkering is bad for the spare time too …

My last post about cold bytes leads nicely into this. I have rejoined the Communities web team, though it is much different to when I left it, with over double the staff it had then and impressively named Business Innovation & Web Services — within which I job share a team lead role for a Strategic Improvement group. 3 days a week and it is going to be awesome. I still code two days a week for Smart Service Queensland. A good balance.

There is much to celebrate this year. A change in the workplace is refreshing — and even the development team is moving out of the darkness into some natural light — and this year marks the 10th year anniversary of my marriage and moving to Caboolture. A decade! Such were the naughties. Let’s leave blogging back there. It’s time I got back into publishing and content/media creation. More creativity, I must have more! We’ll see what the year brings …


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Ben Boyle

Web developer, Dad, gamer, mentor, animator, universal design advocate, fan of gadgets and sunshine!

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