being best man

Yesterday my brother(inlaw) tied the knot whilst the best man (that’s me) stood to one side and watched the happy proceedings. Lots of memories, it’s almost four years since my own wedding. It was a lovely day. I think this also means I have another sister now.

Best man is a pretty good job. You get front row seats and as part of the bridal party are included in most of the perks. But you do need to make a speech (and on behalf of the bridesmaids, thank the groom for thanking them in his speech. Which I did in a lovely falsetto).

The speech then. I tried to add an Olympics twist to the end which involved speaking Greek and French. I can’t speak a word of either. Well, maybe oi. That’s about it. So I turned to babelfish to translate the words and boy did I ever get a shock when the greek came back all, um, greek. That is, in the greek alphabet. Which I can’t read. Let alone pronounce. Still, I found some translation and pronunciation guides and think I might have gotten away with it.

It’s the thought that counts. Anyway, hearty congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs.


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2 thoughts on “being best man”

  1. Okay, I know you told me about the falsetto bit, but I still don’t get it? What am I missing?And I second your hearty congrats to the happy couple. 🙂 I got some lovely pictures at the church after the ceremony, and a few of the bridal party beforehand, but a couple of those are blurry. I thought my digicam had solved my lousy photography skills, but apparently not. *cries*

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